United January 1, 1999
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Sacred Heart St.Patrick's Parish
Parish Newsletter
Mass Schedule:
Sacred Heart of Jesus Church at Division & N. Dewey St
  • Saturday 4pm & Sunday 10:30am
St. Patrick's Church at Oxford & Fulton St
  • Sunday 7:30am & 9am
Benedictine Chapel in the Parish Center at St. Patrick's
  • Tuesday - Thursday 8am, & Friday - 12 noon

Reconciliation (Confession)   
  • Tuesday & Wednesday 7:15am in the Benedictine Chapel
  • Saturday 3pm at Sacred Heart of Jesus Church

Monthly Healing Mass:
  • The healing masses will be on the first Friday of each month, at 12 noon in the
    Benedictine Chapel. During the Prayer of the Faithful, Fr George will mention
    by name those who wish for prayers during the mass.
  • After Mass, Father will offer the Sacrament of Anointing the Sick to whomever
    is in need of it.
  • To add your name to the list, please contact the Parish office.
Mission Statement
Sacred Heart of Jesus - St. Patrick's Parish, as one family, proclaim and live
our Catholic faith through liturgy, sacrament, and ministry. As a united parish
we seek to love and serve God and our neighbor.
Father George
Church Bulletins
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